Grace Morrison November 28, 2016

Tribal Casinos Making Mistake Fighting Dealer Union Activity

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Workers unions are a foundation of what America is about. While Indian tribes continue to build casino on their sovereign land, and disregard state law, they are fighting a losing battle against unions.

A decision has come down from an administrative law judge that says there was no mistakes in a federally supervised union election that took place at Foxwoods.

The Mashantucket Pequot Tribe was contending that the election took place with unlawful tactics by labor organizers. They also claimed that there was mistakes by the National Labor Relations Board.

The United Auto Workers union is the ones that held the vote that passed back in November. They won the right to represent 2,600 dealers at Foxwoods.

The owners of Foxwoods have taken legal action against the formation of the union. What they do not fully understand is the extent that American law goes to in order to protect unions. The United Auto Workers, in particular.

These unions have tremendous political influence, and if they are going to be challenged, it must come with much stronger issues than whether a ballot should have been printed in more than one form of the Chinese language. That is what the Mashantucket Tribe had been arguing.

Although the ruling came down in favor of the union, the tribe can still appeal the decision to the full labor board, or bring the case to Federal Court.

Either way, while many American Indian tribes can claim to not have to follow state laws on their reservations, once they move into State and Federal Court, they are fair game. And battling workers unions in American courts is not a winning bet.

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