Grace Morrison February 14, 2016

Las Vegas has changed over the past few years and it has become a wonderful holiday destination. The focus will always be the casinos, but there is so much more to do these days for all the members of your family.

In the casinos however one of the most popular tables you will find will be the craps tables. They are often surrounded by crowds of excited people as the action never stops. Craps is extremely exciting and we would like to give you a few pointers , which might help you to win more often when playing the game .

As a casino craps game is a social game it is easy to get lots of information at a craps table about what is going on . For example you don’t always need to be the shooter to take part in the action. You can bet on the outcome of another shooter as well . By gathering some information from others around the table you would be able to figure out how good a shooter is. If a shooter is not playing well it sometimes makes more sense to bet against them .

Then also check the shooter out as well . If the shooter is confident you should consider betting the pass line. If they don’t look to sure of themselves, rather bet the don’t pass. This might save you some money .

The biggest trap that you can fall into playing craps is to bet the field. Just by simply looking at the law of averages, you will see that the numbers that are most often rolled are 5, 6, 7 and 8. And these are of course the numbers that will make you lose in craps. Thinking about it logically will tell you not to bet on them , regardless of how sure you are that they will show up. Out of all of them this is the only tip that also relates to online casino craps.

Hunches are useless when gambling and when playing the game always remember that there is a lot of luck involved . It all works the same if you play online craps.To make sure you play for longer and win more often , set some limits and avoid those obvious pitfalls.

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