Grace Morrison January 20, 2016

It takes self-control not to be carried away by all the excitement you see and hear in casinos. At times it would be like separating the real world from the fantasy world. There are just so many things that get us psyched that before we know it, we’ve spent all the money we brought with us in the casino.

It’s a really distressing thought to walk out of a casino without a single penny. There are those who don’t mind and there are those who do wish they had at least some cash they take out with them. Here are some nuggets of casino wisdom to help you walk out those doors at least with some money in your pocket and a bit of pride in your heart.

First thing you really need to do before going to a casino is to bring a watch. Next time you enter a casino, try to check if there are any clocks on the wall. You’ll be surprised to find none when you look. Most casinos want players to concentrate on the game. A watch will give you a sense of time, and do put a time limit to your stay in a casino.

Next tip is to always consider and treat your tokens like you treat your money. One of the very first things you ever get to do when playing in casinos is to convert your cash into casino chips. Most of the time, people tend forget that casino chips are worth their hard earned money. These chips, when treated like playthings, often lead to over betting. Don’t leave your chips lying around like they were toys.

Another tip is to remember that credits are equal to cash. The newer slot machines would use credits. Like casino chips, credits also have a tendency to make one over bet. Treat your casino credits like real money.

Next casino tip is to slow down. Now this tip can be very practical. The pace in casinos is usually really fast. All the hype that would lead to rash decisions can really carry you away. Slow down; make sure you’re playing your hands right or not pressing the deal button too fast.

Last tip is to pocket some of your winnings. This casino tip requires some self-control. If you win in whatever game split your winnings in two. Half goes into one pocket that you walk away with, and the other is for casino fun. When that fun money is gone, then walk out with pride walking away with the casino’s money to play another day.

Remember to keep these tips in mind next time you plan to go to a casino. They’ll help you walk out the door after your casino session with a smile.

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