Faran Devis January 31, 2017

Online casinos have become so popular today, thaOnline Crapst software developers have probably made online versions of most traditional casino games. Casino favourites like poker, slot machine, blackjack and craps can now be enjoyed by players even if they do not visit actual casinos. Craps, a popular dice game, has an online version. Online craps can be played by anyone with access to a computer with internet connection.

Craps tables are among the favourites of casino newcomers and old-timers, and at times, the most boisterous areas in a casino. The speed of the game is probably one reason why craps are so popular. Like with other online casino games, players are advised to know more about the rules of the game before putting a big wager. Another thing that players must do is to practice and develop their strategy.

Online craps strategy

Craps strategy will be better understood by people who already know the basic rules and strategy of the game. Knowing the odds of craps games is also necessary to have a better grasp of craps strategy. Basically, there are two parts to a good craps strategy. The first is the player’s bankroll. Self-discipline is important like in other casino games. Before playing, the player must decide how much he is willing to spend on casino games. It is best to begin playing with a predetermined capital which may depend with the minimum bet in the craps table. Winning should be set aside from the initial capital. It is never a good idea to spend more than the predetermined amount of money a player started with. Also, it may be a good idea to target a certain amount of winning in a single playing day. To be able to extend playing, limiting bets is a good practice. Choosing a low minimum table will also help ensure the player gets an extended playing time given his bankroll.

Betting is another part of success in online craps. Pass line bets may give out more significant pay outs but the chances of winning is significantly low unless the player is willing to lose a good amount of money. A player has more chance of losing the bigger the house edge is on a given bet. Since every game is played with a fresh throw of the dice, the odds of getting a certain bet is always the same. For example, even if a seven has not come out in several throws, it does not mean that it is going to show up soon. When playing craps players may also consider playing the field, though seasoned craps players may say this is not a good bet. Avoiding certain kinds of bets is part of a good craps strategy. Proposition bets which offer low odds should be avoided.

Online Craps Tournaments

There are many online craps tournaments in the internet due to the popularity of online casino in general and online craps in particular. There are websites that list online craps tournament schedules.

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